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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can i help?

Help of all types is greatly appreciated. There are several ways to get involved in vatsalyam, such as time, donating funds, sponsoring a child or fundraising in your company, schools, colleges, communities, dance training, music training etc….

2. Can i adopt a child?

No. We are not an adoption agency. Adoption through private organizations is illegal because in the past, India had a problem with children being "adopted" into child trafficking. Only the government can arrange and approve adoptions through their agencies & govt.organisation.

3. Can i sponsor child/children? How much does it cost?

Yes, you can sponsor the children at vatsalyam voluntary organisation please refer to our donate page for more details.

4. Is my donation tax deductible?(editing work pending)

Yes, we are a registered 80g (India) and 501(c) 3 (USA) organizations so all donations are tax deductible. In the UK, we are a UK registered charity. Please see the donate page for more information.

5. Can i volunteer my time at vatsalyam voluntary organisation?

Yes, we accept volunteers from all over the world. We have received many volunteers over the past 10 years, who typically work for 1-3 months at vatsalyam voluntary organisation. We are especially interested in long term volunteers who can come for 6 months or a year. Please refer to our volunteer guide for more details and get in touch with us for enquiries.

6. Are the children all orphans? Isn’t there anyone/any relative of the children?

Most of the children at vatsalyam voluntary organisation are abandoned. If the mother of a child dies, the family often does not want to keep girl children. Additionally, if a family already has a daughter, there is a high chance that the child might be abandoned, trafficked or killed. Poverty and dowry are factors that lead to abandonment. Oftentimes, the children have some living relatives, but the families do not want to take care of them.

7. How do children arrive at vatsalyam voluntary organisation home?

A child will typically be referred to us by responsible people from her/his village, such as policemen, teachers, elders and our volunteers, who see the plight of the child and often decided the child would be a good fit for vatsalyam voluntary organisation home.

8. What is the follow-up process when you find an abandoned child?

If the child is in a very bad situation, they come immediately to vatsalyam voluntary organisation. If they are staying with extended family, social workers will visit the family and do counselling and reporting before the children come to vatsalyam voluntary organisation. This process usually takes several weeks.

9. How many years do you keep a child in vatsalyam voluntary organisation?

Once a child comes to vatsalyam voluntary organisation, it is her home for life. At vatsalyam voluntary organisation home she will always be given food, education and place to live and laugh and grow. Even once girls find a job and settle down, they are always free to return. We never kick girls out or place a limitation on their stay in any way.

10. How long does it take a child to adjust or get comfortable at vatsalyam voluntary organisation?

It depends on the girl. Some immediately gel into the community, whereas for others it can take up to a week or 10 days for them to call vatsalyam voluntary organisation their home.

11. Do you have psychological counsellors at vatsalyam voluntary organisation?

Yes, we have a very senior counsellor who comes 10-20 days a month to work with individual girls who need support and someone to talk to.

12. Are there boys & girls at vatsalyam voluntary organisation?

Yes, there are a few boys & girls at vatsalyam voluntary organisation since occasionally boys are abandoned or orphaned as well and we would never turn a child away. However, girls are abandoned at a much higher rate in india than boys due to gender discrimination. About 90% of the children at vatsalyam voluntary organisation are girls.

13. Do all the children attend vatsalyam voluntary organisation school?

Yes, most of them do attend vatsalyam voluntary organisation school from kindergarten to10th grade. Others who are pursuing higher education attend college in the town we provide scholarship for them.

14. Which religion do you follow?

Vatsalyam voluntary organisation is a secular organization. We do not propagate or prohibit anyone from practicing any religion. At vatsalyam voluntary organisation all the major festivals – id-ul-fitr, diwali, dusherra, and Christmas etc are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and fervour.

15. Where are you located?

Vatsalyam voluntary organisation and our programs are centered in Nagole, Bandlaguda, India, a town in telangana. Please see the contact us page for our address.

16. How can i contact you?

Please see the contact us page for more details.

17. Can i cancel/refund my donation?

1. Any request for cancellations and refund of online donations once duly placed on the website, shall not be entertained under any circumstances.
2. No cash or refund of money will be allowed after completing the online donation. Because this online credit card, debit card, net banking donation we utilize for the specific purpose of poor beneficiaries. So there is no possibility to refund the amount after donating money to Vatsalyam Voluntary Organisation through online.
3. If any in-kind support received from the donor from anywhere, the material will be reached to the poorest of the poorer communities.
4. Once received the online donation for a social cause will not be refunded to the donor. No cancellation to be made. The donation will be used for charitable activities-community development, sponsorship of children education and women development projects.

18. Can you tell me about Vatsalyam voluntary organization?

Vatsalyam voluntary organization started with a dining table for an office, and most importantly, a dream for India’s children. Vatsalyam voluntary organization was started with an extraordinary dream - that no Indian child would be deprived of her rights to a happy, healthy and safe childhood.

19. What's your vision?

The vision of Vatsalyam voluntary organization is: a happy, healthy and creative child whose rights are protected and honoured in a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and equity for all

20. What's your mission?

To enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived Indian child and so motivate them to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling children to realize their full potential and people to discover their potential for action and change. To enable peoples' collectives and movements encompassing diverse segments, to pledge their particular strengths, working in partnership to secure, protect and honour the rights of India’s children.

21. Who are your target groups?

The target group for vatsalyam voluntary organization is marginalized children, their parents and communities and the public in general.

22. Do you have eminent person associated with child careers?

Vatsalyam voluntary organization is the board of trustees comprises of individuals from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. They are respected individuals in their own right, and bring to vatsalyam voluntary organization a wealth of experience

23. Why can't i know the children i support?

We believe that the work we do restores to children what is rightfully theirs. Beneficiaries must not be made to feel obliged or grateful for the support they receive. Hence, rather than supporting individual children, we pool the resources we raise and disburse them to the programs we support. We believe that this approach results in change that is permanent, change that stays. Every attempt is made to ensure that there is no differentiation between children. And while names of children are withheld.

24. How can i support children?

Ensuring change for children can be supported through a financial contribution/donation to vatsalyam voluntary organization. You can also volunteer for vatsalyam voluntary organization by contacting the vatsalyam voluntary organization office or visit www.vatsalyam4u.org in for more information

25. What will vatsalyam voluntary organisation do with my funds?

Vatsalyam voluntary organisation will pool together the funds raised and we provide education, food, shelter, entairntaiments cultural programmes training, sports training etc… & also we disburse/deploy them to the projects that we support .these projects are working in remote, rural villages and urban slums to ensure that every child has the right to being healthy, a quality education, a happy childhood and a safe and nurturing environment.

26. What information is sent to the donor?

All donors' are sent communication at regular intervals with regards to the work that vatsalyam voluntary organisation does and also on the way the funds raised are being used. Donors receive emails regarding utilization of funds as well as the vatsalyam voluntary organisation newsletter - vatsalyam voluntary organisation in action.

27. What is unique about vatsalyam voluntary organisation?

Vatsalyam voluntary organisation strongly believes that the situation of children can and must change and all its efforts are directed towards ensuring this change through the participation of the community and concerned individuals.

28. We first understand the root causes that keep children deprived of their rights - unemployment, far - away schools, lack of health care, caste, bias against girl children.

Then, we work at creating awareness with the community on these issues, and help them to tackle these root causes with their families and communities across villages and slums. Therefore, the change that takes place as a result of children, parents and communities being totally involved is permanent and stays.