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True education should enrich the heart and nourish the soul. In keeping with this spirit, we work closely with the children, parents, teachers and school authorities to ensure that the children are nourished holistically. Through story-telling, group singing and other such interactive activities, we teach the children the importance of the secular and universal human values of truth, righteousness, peace, nonviolence and love.

Computer skills, spoken English lessons, environment awareness and other such useful and practical classes are also undertaken for the children after school.

Our volunteers actively work with the school authorities to nurture the children holistically. Children are encouraged to pray before eating, and are taught the importance of human values through stories and parables, to help mould them into well-rounded individuals that are an asset to the nation. 

You Can Begin Now! And Give a Child the Gift of Education

A good education is the greatest gift one can give to a child. As the Tibetan proverb goes, 'A child without education is like a bird without wings'. It takes INR 16,000 to take care of a child's only education Support for a year.
You can choose to take up the responsibility of one or more children and start your own journey of selflessly engaging with the world around you by making this contribution.