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  • Vatsalyam Voluntary Organization
  • Dundigalla Raghavendra
  • Plot No: 13,14,15, Devaki Convention Lane ,Near Bharath Petrol bunk, Bandlaguda Road, Nagole, Hyderabad - 68.
  • Registered under the following Acts: Registered under the societies Registration Act, 2001 Income Tax Act, 1961 12A & 80G Tax Exemptions (FCRA)Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010
  • AABTV4702B
  • Country : India State : Telangana.
  • Nagole, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad.
  • Rs.
  • 40 (Orphans, Semi – Orphans & Poor Family) (24-Residential, 16-Non-Residential)


Vatsalyam Voluntary Organization is a registered state level voluntary body, established in 2007, with a mission “To work for the cause and care of disadvantaged, Blind, Orphan, Semi-Orphan, Poor Children & Elder persons in India.”
Past 10 years VATSALYAM has endeavourer to help the poor and destitute orphan children & elders with a holistic and integrated approach towards improving their quality of life by entering into partnerships with grass root level non-governmental organizations.
VATSALYAM till date has assisted over 4 projects at the cost of over Rs. 90,57,000/-, networking with over 20 voluntary organization (NGOs), which have made a considerable difference in the lives of millions of orphan children & elder persons in India.


Believing heartfully in Swamy’s words - ‘They alone live, who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive’, Vatsalyam Voluntary Organization (VVO) was established to help the poor and needy. The Journey of VVO was started with a zealous band of young volunteers on 27th November 2007. Today the VATSALYAM family has extended comprising hundreds of volunteers, thousands of well-wishers and committed employees. This NGO, registered officially in 2010 at Hyderabad with the earnest support of students and citizens interested in social service, is now reaching out to slums and helping the needy.


With such huge in-house projects, the ever enthusiastic team of Vatsalyam is equally agile in facilitating outreach programs such as Musical Libraries and Scribes for the visually challenged students, organizing blood during emergency and Blood Donation Camps. We also facilitate recreation for the deprived elders and children, promoting national integrity, elimination of child labour and skill development training of youth, creating awareness on various social issues among public for a better society.

Our Strength

To uphold good health and uplift the social, economic, and cultural well-being of identified underprivileged beneficiaries like the homeless, the sick, widows, people with disabilities, senior citizens, and drug dependents.


Nearly ‘4000’ Students & Senior Citizens Enrolled in the Organization to do service to poor, blind & physically challenged people.

Mission Statement

To launch various programs and services in order to address the socio-economic and health conditions of the neglected indigents in the society.


  •  Awareness campaigns regarding Health, Rights and Advocacy programs for Blind, Poor, Orphans, and Physically Challenged & Elderly People Problems.
  •  Vatsalyam Organization is also involved in providing ‘Education to Poor Girls’ and Child Health programs through other NGO organizations, providing free school and intermediate education project for poor, etc. with the support of local colleges and schools.
  •  At Present apart from running a hostel for the Orphan & Semi Orphan Children, we Are Giving Training In Two Components Are Capacity Building For Women And Community Leaders For Rights, campaigns for Right To Information, Strengthening Of Senior Citizens Association Programmes, Working on Organizing The Network For Old Age Homes through Federation Of Old Age Homes in Telangana.
  •  Vatsalyam Voluntary Organization is also working to create health awareness among the general public and is working in collaboration with Help Age India and GHMC ‘Aasara’ programme (senior citizen’s programme in Telangana) in spreading awareness regarding chronic disease like Dementia and Cancer.

    In districts of Hyderabad, Warangal, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, Medak, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Ranga Reddy, Mahboobnagar, Khammam in Telangana.

Mission Activities

We train young men from grass root level with a systematic and effective teaching of community organization. At present there are 30 students, undergoing training and now they are involved in field work in forming care cells in order to establish a caring community in their respective place.


To ultimate aim of this organization is to make the people to read Socially, morally, mentally, economically, and spiritually so far 300 men and women become literate through this programme.

Child Transformation

  •  Conducting leadership training for child workers
  •  Organizing children care programme in the urban and rural areas during summer holidays
  •  Forming clubs for the care of children.

Youth Transformation

We are motivating and mobilizing the youth to get involved in care activities and in outreach social work. We conduct study centers, retreats, vocational skill training, for their spiritual and social self-sustainability.

Women empowerment and socio-economic development programme

To bring equality, rights and raise their standard of living, we conduct social and community health (medial, general awareness camps) for rural women. We also encourage them to get involved in forming self help groups, and helping them with micro credit to start income generating programmes for their sustainable development.


India is economically, socially and educationally backward one. Because we have many social problems, the peaceful life is disturbed I would like to explain a few activities. According to the latest statistics, the percentage of literates in the State is only 73.47% which is comparatively lower with other States in India. That too there are no more highly qualified people. It is identified where there is no more education the growth of economy is less.

It is stated that around one-lack families moved to other states to work as coolly and earn their daily bread. Most of the people think that girl babies and disabled children are burden to their families.

So they show less care to these children and sometimes girl babies are killed at the time of birth.

These are special problem of our state. In addition there is much more important problems is the growing population of Children are due to:
  •  Conducting leadership training for child workers
  •  Organizing children care programme in the urban and rural areas during summer holidays
  •  Forming clubs for the care of children.


At present, we are managing with the donations from the Trustees and other funds to meet the present commitments of running Home for children. However, the expenditure recurring and capital expenditure which we propose to approach institutions and IT assesses for donations, we will be in a position to provide care and support for 30 children.

Details of activities carried out :

We are a team of persons from different walks of life dedicated our efforts for the uplift of the children of poor and under privileged lot in the society, We initially concentrate on the Home, Food, Cloths, educational and welfare side of the group of children chosen for rehabilitation.

  •  Teaching, counseling and upbringing of children to make them responsible and productive citizens of India.
  •  Providing and facilitating the education and training of these children in order to equip them with life skills.
  •  Establishing foster homes for those children who are homeless, currently we have been forced to rent out home for these children during holiday time as they have nowhere else to go.
  •  To provide / facilitate health care for the orphans.
  •  By establishing projects and activities that generate income for the benefits from the sponsorship for the child.
  •  Sponsorship for School fees and other educational requirements.
  •  Medical care, clothing and subsistence allowance.

Organization Management

The executive board controls the organization. But the supreme authority of the organization is the President of the organization.


Goal Of Organization

To design and create modern, self-sustaining, high-tech, family style communities in which orphans receive quality education, learn practical family living and job skills, for future oriented high-tech skills to prepare them for their future and for leadership roles in the country.

  •  To teach children the importance of education
  •  To impart knowledge and skills of leadership
  •  To instill social, moral and spiritual values
  •  To promote personal dignity and creativity
  •  To train young minds to choose right vocations
  •  To impart problem solving skills and rationale
  •  To create a responsible and enlightened society


The Board of Trustees of the Trust meets once in a year and plans for financial year goals and budget and implementation.

The board will keep available this evaluation report and annual report to the entire general body members at the time of annual general body meeting for the open and transparency of the organization.

Activities of Children

Every day the children start their life with prayer and morning exercise. After their routine work they attend the school. After school hours, numbers of cur¬ricular and co-curricular activities are taught. In the evening special tuition has been arranged to study their school lessons. After supper and regular prayer children go to bed.

How these services effect the children?

The services rendered by the institutions effects the children in the following way:

  •  The children are identified.
  •  The institution act as guardian to the children.
  •  Regular education has been provided.
  •  The children are participated in curricular and Co-curricular activities.
  •  The children are having secured life, good nutritional regime, medicine and special care with love.
  •  At present various games like cricket, badminton etc. have been taught there by the children get good physique.
  •  The children learn various songs and to play musical instruments. So they are happy with normal life In order to get more confidence of life, Discipline and morals have been taught.

Facilities Provided :

  •  Boarding and lodging.
  •  School fees/travel.
  •  Textbooks, notebooks and uniforms.
  •  Medical aid.
  •  Family help (support and rehabilitation in case of alcoholism in the family).
  •  Get-together (field trips are organized for recreation).
  •  Awareness programmes to expose children to the latest developments.
  •  Evening coaching to facilitate the children who are slow in learning.


There are no local people involved in the project in helping us to help the orphans. The support of grains comes from one particular family once in every four months for the children in the orphanage. There may be support in the future from the local people but not to the extent of fulfilling the project. There are some voluntary organizations that can help us in giving clothes and basic necessities to the children.

The main objective of the organization is to provide basic needs to all the children without any discrimination of caste, creed, class, or race.


The board of trustees and the staff are responsible for the monitoring and reporting of the orphanage. Staff in the orphanage would produce a narrative report about the orphanage. Evaluation of the performance would be done once a year.


  •  The project would teach 45 children the importance of education.
  •  The project would impart knowledge and skills of leadership for 45 children.
  •  The project would instill social, moral and spiritual values for 45 children.
  •  The project would promote personal dignity and creativity of 45 children.
  •  45 children would choose right vocations.
  •  45 children would have problem solving skills and rationale.
  •  The project would create a responsible and enlightened society in the target areas.