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Welcome to vatsalyam

Voluntary Organization

Vatsalyam Voluntary Organization is a registered state level voluntary body, established in 2007, with a mission “To work for the cause and care of disadvantaged, Blind, Orphan, Semi-Orphan, Poor Children & Elder persons in India.”

Past 10 years VATSALYAM has endeavourer to help the poor and destitute orphan children & elders with a holistic and integrated approach towards improving their quality of life by entering into partnerships with grass root level non-governmental organizations.

VATSALYAM till date has assisted over 4 projects at the cost of over Rs. 90,57,000/-, networking with over 20 voluntary organization (NGOs), which have made a considerable difference in the lives of millions of orphan children & elder persons in India.

Why Vatsalyam

Our Vision

To uphold good health and uplift the social, economic, and cultural well-being of identified underprivileged beneficiaries like the homeless

Our Mission

To launch various programs and services in order to address the socio-economic and health conditions of the neglected indigents in the society.

Our Strength

Nearly ‘4000’ Students & Senior Citizens Enrolled in the Organization to do service to poor, blind & physically challenged people

Our Activities

campaigns regarding Health, Rights and Advocacy programs for Blind, Poor, Orphans,Education for Poor and & Elderly People Problems

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About Founder

Tring, Tring, Tring………….. Hello…. is this Vatsalyam Voluntary Organization ….. Is this Raghavendra ?????? We need blood urgently to Save a Patient’s life please….. we have checked-out with other blood Banks, but we couldn’t get there.

Who is this Raghavendra??? & What is his story???

So, then let us peep into this Raghavendra’s personal and social life, about his dreams and plans for destitute, adults, blind people, physically challenged & specially getting blood (life) from different blood banks to save critical patients who are in need. From his childhood he showed much interest upon social work apart from his studies. In his inter stage one day, he visited blind school, they shared their experience, hurdles of their paths in their life